Sanctuary cover includes a large bottle with smoke inside and glowing images of an old house, a cat, a laptop, and food

Morgan's home is a sanctuary for ghosts.

Queer found family. Neurodivergence. Building a home. Ghosts.

A fight to save everything.

Out now.

"I pulled myself out of the pool below, crashing water refracting rainbows into the winter air. The water was bone cold and the ground cracked with ice, but neither would stop her."

- "Even the Clearest Water" (Fireside, 2020)

Windflower series

Light witchy novellas set in Aotearoa with a dash of f/f romance...

We will find snatches of time together, on sunless mornings before you make your way down the outside staircase to the school that does not want you, and in the evenings as I brush out and braid your hair... I will teach you magic in the roof gardens at night and hurriedly in the doorways of shops closed on a rest day.

- "I will teach you magic" (Cossmass Infinities, 2021)

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