Short Fiction


I Will Teach You Magic” – Cossmass Infinities


“Ōmarino” – Rebuilding Tomorrow anthology
The Wasp-Keeper’s Mother” – Kaleidotrope
Even the Clearest Water” – Fireside Magazine
Like Clocks Work” – Aurealis
Where a Good Town may take us” – Abyss & Apex
Salvage” – takahē magazine
“Henrietta and the End of the Line” – Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy anthology from Paper Road Press (reprint)


Henrietta and the End of the Line” – Translunar Travelers Lounge
“Girls Who Do Not Drown” – Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy anthology from Paper Road Press (reprint)


“Under this Strange Sky” – Aurealis
Blaze” – Vulture Bones
“A Spell to Signal Home” – Transcendent 3 (reprint)
Girls Who Do Not Drown” – Apex


Syren Song” – Kaleidotrope
A Spell to Signal Home” – Glittership
“Into the Sickly Light” – Pacific Monsters anthology from Fox Spirit


“And Still the Forests Grow though We are Gone” – At the Edge anthology from Paper Road Press
MAKET, or, Alternative Endings for Ivan Ivanovich” – Unsung Stories


Bree’s Dinosaur from Paper Road Press (novelette)
“Puppetry” – Accessing the Future anthology from


“Growth” – Fierce Family anthology from Crossed Genres


“The Character of 82 James Street” – Baby Teeth anthology from Paper Road Press*
“Splintering” – Regeneration anthology from Random Static*
“This Other World” – Winter Well anthology from Crossed Genres*
Built in a Day” – Luna Station Quarterly*


Millie” – Outlaw Bodies anthology from The Future Fire*
“Blueprints” – Fat Girl in a Strange Land anthology from Crossed Genres*
Winter Baby” – Phantasmacore*


“The Lake on the Mountain” – Corpus Pretereo*
“Spring-Heeled Jack” – Dark Valentine*
“The Shape of My Wife” – M-Brane SF*
“Tourists” – A Foreign Country – New Zealand Speculative Fiction*


Navigations” – Full of Crow (reprinted in Tales for Canterbury)*
The Buoyancy of Gold” [link goes to PDF] – Khimairal Ink*
“The Octopus Curse” – Aphelion (reprinted in The Readstrange Handbook)*
“Lost Generation” – The Kiwi Writers Challenge Collection*
“Cure” – Antipodean SF (reprinted in The Readstrange Handbook)*