Windflower Series

My Windflower series is part of the Contemporary Witchy Fiction project – a collection of witchy novellas from different authors set in New Zealand. These books are lighter and faster reads than most of my other fiction; a good way to pass a cosy afternoon at home or some time outside in the sun.

Succulents and Spells

Laurel Windflower is a witch from a family of magic workers – but her own life is going nowhere. Living in the damp, sunless side of Aro Valley, she works in a café, unable to produce anything more powerful than the most basic herbal potions. Until, one winter morning, Marigold Nightfield knocks on her door.

Marigold is a scientist, but she knows plenty about magic. There are strange things happening in her house, and her future discoveries require careful negotiation with monsters.

Laurel can’t walk away from a mystery – and she can’t walk away from Marigold either. But what lies ahead could reveal all of her shortcomings to the woman she’s trying to impress… or uncover the true nature of her power.

Short stories

cover shows blue haired young woman holding a black kitten with magic sparkles around them

First-years and Familiars is set before the events of Succulents and Spells (you can read it at any point though).

University accommodation has rules that can be difficult for young witches to follow. But Laurel is determined to make the most of her first year in the city.

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Magic on the Waves” is a short story set between Succulents and Spells and Microscopes and Magic. It’s included in the Jingle Spells anthology, a collection of seven Christmas stories by Witchy Fiction authors.

Find out what happens when Marigold meets Laurel’s family, how they celebrate Christmas, and why Laurel’s young cousin seems to be hiding something.

Microscopes and Magic

Some magical problems take spells and potions to solve… but others can only be understood through the lenses of a microscope.

Marigold Nightfield’s life changed when she absorbed the magic stored in a family heirloom. Now, she’s part of a growing network of magic-working scientists who are trying to change the world for the better, and has a girlfriend from a sprawling, powerful, witchy family.

Things should be coming together perfectly for her… but her magic has a time limit. It’s not hers for keeps and one day, she’ll lose it for good.

When her girlfriend’s work is destroyed by possible sabotage, and strange things start appearing in Wellington’s green belt, Marigold’s amazing new life starts to unravel. With unknown motives and dubious players at work, she faces a destructive force spreading through the city and beyond. She’ll have to not only draw on her scientific background and magical abilities, but make new connections and grow in confidence to face this new threat.

Microscopes and Magic

Mildred Windflower – witch and successful fibre artist – has been touring the world, demonstrating her craft and taking up prized residencies.

Now back in Aotearoa, she hopes an isolated farm cottage will give her time alone to work out what to do next.

She expected quiet. Instead she finds strange noises in the attic, and signs of an old mystery, while across the fence the quirky, gorgeous Anneke has returned to the family farm and is building up a herd of alpaca.

Something supernatural is going on: it’s up to Mildred to determine what is warning and what is threat. And ideally withough making a total fool of herself in front of Anneke.

Alpaca and Apparitions is the third in the Windflower series that started with Succulents and Spells, but can be read as a stand-alone.

The fourth novella in the Windflower series, Data and Divination, will be available later in 2022.