Windflower Series

My Windflower series is part of the Contemporary Witchy Fiction project – a collection of witchy novellas from different authors set in New Zealand. These books are lighter and faster reads than most of my other fiction; a good way to pass a cosy afternoon at home or some time outside in the sun.

Succulents and Spells

Laurel Windflower is a witch from a family of magic workers – but her own life is going nowhere. Living in the damp, sunless side of Aro Valley, she works in a café, unable to produce anything more powerful than the most basic herbal potions. Until, one winter morning, Marigold Nightfield knocks on her door.

Marigold is a scientist, but she knows plenty about magic. There are strange things happening in her house, and her future discoveries require careful negotiation with monsters.

Laurel can’t walk away from a mystery – and she can’t walk away from Marigold either. But what lies ahead could reveal all of her shortcomings to the woman she’s trying to impress… or uncover the true nature of her power.

Magic on the Waves

“Magic on the Waves” is a short story set between Succulents and Spells and Microscopes and Magic. It’s included in the Jingle Spells anthology, a collection of seven Christmas stories by Witchy Fiction authors.

Find out what happens when Marigold meets Laurel’s family, how they celebrate Christmas, and why Laurel’s young cousin seems to be hiding something.

The second novella in the Windflower series, Microscopes and Magic, will be available in early 2021.