From a Shadow Grave Content Notes

I like to think From A Shadow Grave is an optimistic book, but it also contains topics some readers may find difficult to read. The following is an (imperfect) list of these topics; you may want to use it to decide if you want to read From A Shadow Grave or where/when/how to read it, or you may just want to be forewarned.

I obviously cannot spot everything, but this is my best attempt. This list will spoil you for various plot points, though the unorthodox structure of the book makes this less problematic than it might otherwise be. By listing something here, I am not suggesting it is necessarily negative, just something I believe some readers may want a heads-up about. 

The story centres around a murder/attempted murder which is depicted multiple times. This includes physical striking and suffocation. Grief in relation to this murder is depicted.

There is also depiction of other violence (physical and emotional) within a romantic relationship, and physical assault by a stranger*. There is a very brief mention of a racist murder.

The protagonist experiences some intense depression; there is depiction of suicidal ideation including possible suicide methods, and a brief description of drunkenness to deal with depression. She also experiences hunger and poverty and is affected by previously being shamed for disability (specifically, dyslexia in a school context). There is significant representation of family conflict

A character becomes pregnant by an abuser, and there is an on-screen but not detailed portrayal of an illegal abortion. There are depictions of negative attitudes towards her pregnancy.

The aftermath of an earthquake and war injuries are shown, though not depicted on page. Capital punishment (specifically by hanging) is also mentioned.

There is a brief description of casual recreational drug use and one of the characters swears. Quite a lot. There is depiction of unexplained chronic illness and medical dismissal/inadequacy.

The story also includes: magical confinement to a certain area, fighting – including with knives, being followed/accosted by supernatural creatures, and physical restraint.

A character experiences being abducted and psychologically/magically abused as a child*.

*There are no depictions of sexual assault, however those items marked with an asterisk may bring that subject to mind for some readers.