2018 Publications

It’s almost the end of 2018 so here’s my much-procrastinated-on list of award eligible work for 2018.

Before I get to the full list, there are three things that were absolute standout experiences for me this year, and probably the best things I’ve ever produced in each area. If you have limited time or don’t know where to start, these are them:

Girls Who Do Not Drown” (fantasy, 2900 words, content notes for suicidality, implied misogynist inc transmisogynist violence, drowning) was published in the December issue of Apex. It’s one of those stories which is at once fantastical and yet deeply personal; it’s about hopelessness and survival, about the strength of history and the communities you come from, about pushing back against them and about pushing back with them, about the sea, and the myths that still live within it.

Design a Spaceship” (non-fiction, 2500 words) was published in the Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction issue of Uncanny. It’s the essay in which I was finally able to articulate ideas I’d been exploring for a number of years. It’s about the futures we imagine for ourselves, whether we have a place in those futures, and why science fiction is so important for understanding – and changing – our own world.

Capricious Issue 9 was a double-length special issue containing stories using gender diverse pronouns. It was an honour to edit this issue, and I’d love it if you would consider either the issue as a whole, or any of the individual stories – or the cover art – when making award nominations.

And here’s the full list of my fiction or fiction-related publications for 2018:

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