Eligible works 2019

It’s that time of year again. I had two original works published in 2019, and to the best of my knowledge they are both eligible for the Hugo/Nebula/Sir Julius Vogel awards.

From A Shadow Grave (Paper Road Press) is a novella of approximately 22 000 words. It’s most easily classified as fantasy – though it crossed a few genres.

Henrietta and the End of the Line” (Translunar Travelers Lounge) is a fantasy short story of approximately 4600 words.

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Launch: From a Shadow Grave

I’m excited to be launching From a Shadow Grave at the end of the month. The launch will be held at Vic Books Pipitea, Wellington, on 31st October, at 5:30pm. If you’re in Wellington I’d love to see you there. It will be a joint launch with the Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy anthology, which I’m pleased to have a story in.

I was delighted to receive my author copies last week – they look gorgeous!

3 copies of From a Shadow Grave on a leopard print background. The cover depicts light at the end of a road tunnel

I’ve added some more details – including where to purchase, and content warnings – to the From a Shadow Grave page, and will continue to do so as we get closer to release day.

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Publication: Henrietta and the End of the Line

My short story “Henrietta and the End of the Line” is in the very first issue of Translunar Travelers Lounge. It’s the story of a part-lizard girl who lives on a squid train, and what happens when something you’ve been running from finally catches up with you.

TTL is a new publication focused on fun SFF, and it was an honour to be in their very first issue. I love the range of stories that are included, and that they show a conception of fun that does not deny the existence of hardship or oppression, but shows how adventure, scheming, and sometimes outright slapstick can flourish despite, around, or against it.

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Sale: Even the Clearest Water

I’m delighted to announce another short story sale: “Even the Clearest Water” to Fireside Magazine. Fireside was absolutely one of my target markets, and I was very happy to get an acceptance from them.

“Even the Clearest Water” is a story about water fae, autistic families, bargains, and love. You’ll be able to read it in April next year.

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Coming soon: From a Shadow Grave

I’m excited to announce my upcoming novella release. From A Shadow Grave will be published this October by Paper Road Press.

From a Shadow Grave is inspired by the story of a true crime: the murder of seventeen-year-old Phyllis Symons, whose ghost is still said to haunt Wellington’s Mount Victoria tunnel. It’s the story of the lives and stories she should have had; stories of survival, adventure, recovery, love. Stories in which she is both rescued and rescuer. Stories of family and music and magic.

From crime fiction to urban fantasy, from Wellington to war-torn Europe, it’s a story I began writing with rage but ended up buoyed by the love and determination the characters developed – seemingly all on their own. I’m delighted Paper Road Press has picked up this weird creation of mine and am very much looking forward to launching it later this year.

Direct pre-orders are available from the Paper Road Press website; pre-orders from other retailers (including ebooks) will be up a little closer to the time.

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Events: GeyserCon and Continuum

Tomorrow I’m heading off on a multi-city trip, including two conventions in two weekends: GeyserCon in Rotorua and Continuum in Melbourne.

Here’s where (other than the bar) to find me:

At GeyserCon I’ll be talking about socio-political themes in SFF on the Handmaids and Other Tales panel (Saturday 1 June, 2:00-3:00pm). I’ll also be at the Sir Julius Vogel Awards ceremony on Sunday night where my short story, “Girls Who Do Not Drown” is shortlisted.

At Continuum I’ll be on panels about Illness in SFF (Saturday 8th June, 10:00am), secondary world settings analogous to the 19th or 20th century (Sunday 9th June, 2:00pm) and post-capitalist societies (Sunday 9th June, 5:00pm).

Come and say hi! And if you’d like to arrange to meet up, Twitter is a good way to get hold of me. Look forward to seeing you there!

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Sale: Henrietta and the End of the Line

It’s been a while since I sold a new short – I’ve been mostly focused on longer works this year – so I’m delighted to announce that “Henrietta and the End of the Line” will be published in Translunar Travelers Lounge, a new publication which explores the fun side of SFF.

The story is about a squid train, a lizard girl, and how we keep going when everything has changed. I look forward to sharing it with you.

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2018 Publications

It’s almost the end of 2018 so here’s my much-procrastinated-on list of award eligible work for 2018.

Before I get to the full list, there are three things that were absolute standout experiences for me this year, and probably the best things I’ve ever produced in each area. If you have limited time or don’t know where to start, these are them:

Girls Who Do Not Drown” (fantasy, 2900 words, content notes for suicidality, implied misogynist inc transmisogynist violence, drowning) was published in the December issue of Apex. It’s one of those stories which is at once fantastical and yet deeply personal; it’s about hopelessness and survival, about the strength of history and the communities you come from, about pushing back against them and about pushing back with them, about the sea, and the myths that still live within it.

Design a Spaceship” (non-fiction, 2500 words) was published in the Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction issue of Uncanny. It’s the essay in which I was finally able to articulate ideas I’d been exploring for a number of years. It’s about the futures we imagine for ourselves, whether we have a place in those futures, and why science fiction is so important for understanding – and changing – our own world.

Capricious Issue 9 was a double-length special issue containing stories using gender diverse pronouns. It was an honour to edit this issue, and I’d love it if you would consider either the issue as a whole, or any of the individual stories – or the cover art – when making award nominations.

And here’s the full list of my fiction or fiction-related publications for 2018:

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