Coming soon: From a Shadow Grave

I’m excited to announce my upcoming novella release. From A Shadow Grave will be published this October by Paper Road Press.

From a Shadow Grave is inspired by the story of a true crime: the murder of seventeen-year-old Phyllis Symons, whose ghost is still said to haunt Wellington’s Mount Victoria tunnel. It’s the story of the lives and stories she should have had; stories of survival, adventure, recovery, love. Stories in which she is both rescued and rescuer. Stories of family and music and magic.

From crime fiction to urban fantasy, from Wellington to war-torn Europe, it’s a story I began writing with rage but ended up buoyed by the love and determination the characters developed – seemingly all on their own. I’m delighted Paper Road Press has picked up this weird creation of mine and am very much looking forward to launching it later this year.

Direct pre-orders are available from the Paper Road Press website; pre-orders from other retailers (including ebooks) will be up a little closer to the time.

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