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2018 Publications

It’s almost the end of 2018 so here’s my much-procrastinated-on list of award eligible work for 2018.

Before I get to the full list, there are three things that were absolute standout experiences for me this year, and probably the best things I’ve ever produced in each area. If you have limited time or don’t know where to start, these are them:

Girls Who Do Not Drown” (fantasy, 2900 words, content notes for suicidality, implied misogynist inc transmisogynist violence, drowning) was published in the December issue of Apex. It’s one of those stories which is at once fantastical and yet deeply personal; it’s about hopelessness and survival, about the strength of history and the communities you come from, about pushing back against them and about pushing back with them, about the sea, and the myths that still live within it.

Design a Spaceship” (non-fiction, 2500 words) was published in the Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction issue of Uncanny. It’s the essay in which I was finally able to articulate ideas I’d been exploring for a number of years. It’s about the futures we imagine for ourselves, whether we have a place in those futures, and why science fiction is so important for understanding – and changing – our own world.

Capricious Issue 9 was a double-length special issue containing stories using gender diverse pronouns. It was an honour to edit this issue, and I’d love it if you would consider either the issue as a whole, or any of the individual stories – or the cover art – when making award nominations.

And here’s the full list of my fiction or fiction-related publications for 2018:

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Publication: Design a Spaceship

My essay “Design a Spaceship” has been published in the Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction issue of Uncanny.

“Design a Spaceship” is about accessibility, spaceships, and imagining different futures. It brings together ideas I’ve been working on and with for several years now, and I was so pleased to be able to finally work them into a coherent essay, and even more so to have it accepted for publication in Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction. I’m only part way through reading the issue but there is some incredible work in there and I’m honoured to have mine alongside it.

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Publication: Under This Strange Sky

My latest short story, “Under this Strange Sky”, has just been published in Aurealis #112.

“Under this Strange Sky” was inspired by Robin Hyde’s 1938 novel Nor the Years Condemn, and thus it has space forestry, the devastation of previous wars, job creation schemes, economic collapse, and trees that aren’t exactly what they seem. I’m delighted this piece of cynical weirdness has found a home at Aurealis.

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Sale: A Spell to Signal Home

Transcendent 3 coverIn the first of a series of announcements which seem to have arrived all at once, I’m delighted to announce that “A Spell to Signal Home” (first published in Glittership last year) will be reprinted in Transcendent 3: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction edited by Bogi Takács.

It’s a stunning list of authors (not to mention an excellent editor) with a very shiny cover, and I’m honoured to be included.

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SJV Awards Shortlist

The latest Sir Julius Vogel Awards shortlist is out, and I’m thrilled to be on there twice: in the short fiction section for my short story “Syren Song” and nominated for Services to Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

I’m even more pleased to be in such good company; all the local members of my critique group have short stories on the shortlist, and there are quite a few other friends on there, along with some other work I love. I’m looking forward to hearing the final results.

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Publication: Capricious Issue 9

capricious issue 9 cover art

I have a new project complete. Capricious Issue 9 (Gender Diverse Pronouns) has been released into the world and is now available for purchase in both ebook and paperback formats. You can find full details and links at

This issue features short stories by by Nino Cipri, ​Bogi TakácsLauren E. MitchellA.E. Prevost, Cameron Van Sant, Rem Wigmore, Penny StirlingHazel GoldSL Byrne, and Rae White. These are stories of worlds where non-binary people live and love and explore and do magic. Stories of worlds without gender, stories of worlds where gender is conceived differently to our own. Stories of merfolk and dragons and ghosts… and us.

This has been a project that’s been difficult at times, but immensely rewarding, and I’m so pleased with the final result.

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Sale: “Girls Who Do Not Drown” to Apex

I’m delighted to announce my first sale of the year: a short story, “Girls Who Do Not Drown”, to Apex.

I am absolutely delighted by this. Not only is it my first sale to an SFWA qualifying pro-market (a goal I’ve been working towards for some time), but it’s a story that means so much to me. It’s set in the place I grew up – somewhere I don’t often go in fiction, and even less in real life – and it’s about violence and escape, gender and shape-changing horses. This is how it opens:

“There are girls who stumble along the beach, barefoot, heels in one hand and a premixed drink in the other, balancing upon the line between the smothering land and the vicious sea, hoping they won’t see morning.

There are girls who will, in the last moments of their life, fingers clutching the soaking mane of the beast below them out of pure instinct, blame themselves, for seeking adventure, for finding exhilaration in danger. There are girls who know that if they make it home they will be blamed or mocked, because who could be interested enough in ugly girls like them to tempt them below the waves.

There are girls who do not know they are girls until the sea comes for them.

There are girls who have been told the old stories, who know the old ways to resist, to save themselves. And there are girls who find their own ways.”

I’m not certain of the release date just yet, but I’ll post again when it’s out. It feels like an excellent start to the year.

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